Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cardiff freshers week 2012 (a long post)

sunrise from a megabus window, fingerprints included

hello lovelies!
my third (and final) freshers week has just coming to an end, which feels like a bittersweet milestone in my university career. freshers week is one of the highlights of the university student's calendar - it's all about drinking, takeaway food, getting into the rhythm of uni life and being ridiculously irresponsible with money, and in second and third year, it's one of the best weeks there is. I'm definitely going to miss it!

my first freshers week, back in 2010, was probably not the best start to university anyone could ask for. it was mostly homesickness, trying to navigate unfamiliar situations with people I didn't know or trust yet, and I think by about day three I was feeling lost and lonely, and hiding out in the flat of a friend from home. second year made up for what first year lacked, in terms of the essential student experience - we bought a £3 reusable barbecue, we carried sofas outside under the stars and listened to loud music, and dragged them back in hastily when it started to rain, we talked to (and maybe kissed) strangers, we drank and wore stupid clothes and stole club posters and road signs, and someone jumped in a fountain at 2am, holding a blackberry and a cheeseburger.

this year, though, we've (mostly) put all that behind us, and had a slightly quieter experience. I started off the week in Enfield, with my lovely boyfriend george - on Sunday we trekked into London proper to meet up with george's sister, alice, and wandered through columbia road flower market and lots of charming independent shops and markets, as well as sharing profiteroles, and buying japanese sweets (whale: biggesy mammal).

"george please don't take photos of my face it's - i got two hours sleep and I've just gotten off a coach- ugh, fine I hate you."


I got home on monday and ate some homemade cookies (minus the nuts!) with the housemates, and then on tuesday the girls and I went shopping (the results of which might pop up here sometime!) before going to tiger tiger's back to school party. we all got dressed up in white shirts, ties, drawn-on freckles and free glasses, but we pretty quickly decided we were better off at home playing board games and eating chicken.

we have literally no idea who this guy is, but he seems to have made the same misguided hair choices I did in 2008. 

heck yes.

we decided to take a more adult approach to an evening out on wednesday - we went for cocktails and tapas at pica pica, where will works (we get a 50% discount, and all the food is amazing and reasonably priced anyway, so I was pretty much in heaven). I totally recommend the saganaki, spinach and feta parcels, sweet potato wedges, and moroccan chicken, and I'm definitely going to try to make some of this stuff at home when our oven gets fixed! thursday night was back to the proper student lifestyle, though - drinking games and dresses and people being pushed through cardiff city centre in a supermarket trolley.

the correct way to eat stir fry (note the voter registration form under there; hoo boy was ordering a new one of those an awkward phonecall ("yeah, there's.. there's stir fry all over it. no, I'm not kidding.")

orange slices, because we are classy.

dress & heels (black version here)

this is the best mug. the best.

classy cards. 

the sweetest dirty third-pint you ever did see (that is a bonbon)

I tried to take an outfit photo. I think it's possible that there was too much alcohol involved.
we decided to wind the week down after all of that craziness, and the weekend was just an exercise in delicious food - we got a lot of takeaway pizza on friday, and I rounded out the week on saturday by going home for some Indian food with my parents.

we ordered four large pizzas. we got five. no-one complained.

looking at this is making me really hungry and it is not fair.

that's all over now, though, and it's back to the grind (ha!) of regular student life. Have any of you just experienced freshers week, whether first or as a seasoned student? what have you been up to?

- Dani x


  1. unas fotos preciosas, estas guapisima

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo outfit

  2. Goooooood times. Tho Thursday night may have some bits missing... :P