Saturday, 29 September 2012


Welcome to knitted hearts and bow-tied waists!

I'm dani, a twenty-year old girl from a quiet and pretty little welsh town, studying psychology in my favourite city in the world. I live in a house that's slowly falling apart, with a big bay window, a broken oven, a temperamental shower, leopard print throws (they came with the house, oh please believe me that they came with the house) and four of my favourite people in the world: Cat, a journalism student and fellow fledgling blogger; Hazel, a photography student and creator of delicious food; Will, Cat's boyfriend and provider of half price cocktails and tapas; and Chris, Hazel's boyfriend, part popular music student and part dandelion.

left to right: hazel, chris, cat, will's nose, and a clearly enthusiastic me.
I spend a lot of time on buses and coaches and trains and tubes, visiting my lovely boyfriend George, who is made of freshly baked bread and soft knitwear, and making my way back home when I need to get out of the city for a while; mostly, though, I can be found in lectures, shopping, cooking, playing board games or drinking games (or drinking board games!) with my housemates, or watching films (currently 'all of the trilogies') with last year's housemates (I'm sure I'll get on to those later).

summer with george
knitted hearts and bow-tied waists is a little bit fashion, a little bit foodie, a little bit photographic, and a little bit (student) lifestyle. you should expect fifties dresses, chunky knitwear, wedge heels, painted nails, a lot of f1.8, tapas, cocktails, cookies and brownies and cake and bread, scrabble, charity shop finds, and a slightly more than acceptable amount of alcohol.

this is a bit of an adventure for me, and I hope you'll choose to experience it with me!
finally, if you want to follow my day-to-day life or get in contact with me, I can be found on twitter, lookbooktumblr, and dailybooth.

that's all for now, and I'll see you soon!
- Dani x


  1. I love that second picture! So cute.

    <3 Melissa

    1. awh, thanks! I really miss summer. :(

  2. That last picture is adorable!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. And yes, it is the burgundy Topshop llama dress. MWAHAHA

    1. aw, thanks!

      so incredibly jealous! I mean I'm pretty sure I feel this way when I see anyone talking about buying any clothes, but that dress is especially awesome.

  3. oh and yes you're more than welcome to use the shoes idea! :)

  4. Nice photos!

    1. oh, thank you!
      I'll check out your blog now :)